Friday, March 22, 2013

Part 2 Stamp Scrap Art Tour - Oaks PA

I'm back with another installment of my haul from the Stamp Scrap Art Tour. For my first post, click here. I've included a link to each retailer's website. Just click on the name to check it out.

This is by far my favorite stop during this tour because I love to see Kathy create beautiful landscapes on glossy cardstock. Well, I've finally ventured to get some supplies to create some of those wonderful projects. I love their definition stamps and their beach stamps. I also scored some neon flowersoft in the sale bin!!


I found the cutest things at Just For Fun! These little wooden clipboards with working clip, a spiral die (I'll soon show you what it does when I reveal our make 'n takes in my next post.) and a template for their signature product faux post grids and frames. The set came with a plastic template to be used for stippling or tracing and the stamp to match. I can use it to showcase pictures in the shape of the stamp/template. It's very cool but hard to explain.

I love this name!! I was so glad to find items I was looking for - pearl pens, distress ink, black liquid applique and Mosaic Moments tiles! Our make n take featured the cupcake die I purchased and I couldn't deny the cute stamp with the rollers in her hair!

This was the most enlightening make n take and the best special pricing for the kit. I finally learned to make pop up cards!!!!!!!!!! So excited!! The stamps and dies all came in one set together.

I got a full set of really cute pun stamps that can be used as labels for mint tins. They are based on funny ailments we all encounter (click the link above to see them). An example: "Val-yum: The yummy chill pill for PMS, anxiety, or any momentary insanity"

Next, I'll share our make 'n take projects and the door prize I won!! stay tuned...



  1. Hi La-Vie! I'm back again to check out Haul #2. After your post #1, I visited one of the stores and bought some Jet Ink Shrink and a few packages of embellishments ... wish you got a commission!! :) Today I'm enjoying re-living the goodies from our make-n-takes. I haven't had time to dive into the bags I brought home from our Dessert party together, but also look forward to doing more with pop-up cards. I loved that make-n-take the best. The cupcake die one was fun too and sorry they were the ONE vendor who didn't do a pre-sale because "we aren't allowed." LOL. I may hunt down the spiral die, though think I can find a cut like that in the Silhouette store.

    Well, on to another Friday and more craft room spring cleaning for me. I hope you stay smiling and laughing -- you're the best! If I don't get a chance to drop in in the meantime, I hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Easter.

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

    1. Hey Ellen, first let me say... WHOOT! WHOOT! LOL. I'm glad you had fun shopping at some of the vendors. I need to start doing the stuff that makes money from the blog. Maybe you can let them know I sent you? I don't know. Anyhoo, I can't wait to see what you make. You were so creative at the make n takes. I am following your blog now and I am LOVING what you do!! You have so many more followers. Help a sistah out and share my blog pretty please??? Have a great Friday! I am prepping to go to my daughter's 2nd grade class to help them make cards to cheer up their teacher who just had a successful surgery to remove breast cancer. TTYS


  2. Looks like you are having an awesome time and getting so much stash! Good job you organised your craft room before the trip... you are going to need some more room... have fun!


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