Sunday, October 9, 2011

La-Vie's Successful Vendor Show!

Yesterday I participated in a vendor show where I sold greeting cards and spoke to potential clients for custom work. It was a great experience. I was happy that people came by to look and comment on my greeting cards, signed up for a consultation on a myriad of other services I provide and made purchases.

Some of my most intricate designs were on display for individual sale, while others were bundled and packaged for sale. Thank you to my friends and associates who supported me yesterday with encouragement and purchases.

I created over 200 cards for birthday, friendship, encouragement, religious messages, bereavement, just because, thank you, etc. There were so many choices, folks had a hard time chosing just a couple of packs!

My good friend Vicki suggested I use paper mache boxes to bring interest to my table. She was so right! Everyone loved the mailbox and  treasure chest on the table. Thanks're the best!

Well, I am exhausted, but happy...until next time I vend...



  1. Nice display and good use of the mailbox... great idea! You sure you don't want to join me in November? ;)


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