Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tiny Yet Powerful - Copics with Clear and Simple Stamps at CKC Lancaster 2012

Did you miss me? I took a break from daily blogging to work for several clients who needed my crafty expertise this holiday season. But I'm back to continue sharing the things I learned in classes at CKC Lancaster 2012.

Today I have a tiny duo - gift bag and matching card. I am still rather new to coloring and shading with Copic Sketch markers. I love taking classes with Clear and Simple Stamps because they really know how to teach the techniques. They teach using Copic trios usually. I knew nothing about how to buy Copics or what the numbers meant or how to use them to create the wonderful stamped and colored images I see online. This is the second year I've taken classes with them. It's a family run business and I love all of the craft products they sell.

Here's what I learned .... 1. Distress Ink may not have been the best choice for coloring and shading with Copics. It seemed to smudge a bit with all of the layering of the colors. 2. You can create your own unique pattern within patterned paper using copics. The bag and card show a layer of patterened paper. We were instructed to color in the diamonds (no blending needed) to make the pattern. I would have never thought of that and now I do it all the time. 3. Where to put the shading to make it look more realistic. I need much more practice but feel encouraged to whip out my Copics more often.

These are perfect when you have a little something you'd like to present in a cute and personable way.



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    1. Hi Kim. Thanks! Do you do a lot of shading? I struggle with where to place the shading and how much etc. Do tell some secrets of coloring... LOL


  2. Wow! I am just dipping my toes in the wonderful world of Copics, but never would have dreamed of using them to fill in a pattern! How cute, fun, and simple! Darling little card and bag!!

    1. Jackie!! This is why I blog! To drop a nugget that someone is inspired by. You've made my day! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you again!



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