Saturday, December 8, 2012

French Knots? I think not... Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Page - CKC Lancaster 2012

At CKC Lancaster this past summer, I participated in the fast and furious 3 hr Thursday night Technique workshop. It was a huge ballroom full of straight tables and croppers learning technique after technique in approx. 5 min timeframes for each presenter.

The goal is not to finish the projects, but to learn a technique and move on. [I have a problem with that! I always want to finish.] It's lots of fun and stressful all at once. I love it! They gave out prizes and I won a nice chipboard banner just waiting to be embellished. I'll share some of the things I learned in the next several days.

As you can see, they run a tight ship... not even enough time to go to the bathroom and stretch!

We made this scrapbook page to learn how to use stitching on a layout. If you look closely there is no stitching on my layout (other than the embellishment I added later at home). "Ain't nobody got time for that!" I was toast at that point so I skipped it. The layout would've had large "X" shaped stitching here and there and some difficult french knots in the tree to make it look like apples were in it. I love it just the same... don't you?

In the past, when I've made layouts in classes, they would sit in my craft room unused. However, I decided to start using them for gift scrapbooks - usually for baby's first year. Here is the opening page of the scrapbook. With just 3 added elements the page is complete!


  1. Pretty layout .. I am with you I will let Simply Stitched sew on the paper LOL

    1. LOL Anna! Thanks for the solidarity. You'll be surprised. I actually did do some sewing on paper recently. It took me a year to finish it (grumbling all the way) but I like the results and have taught my 7 year old daughter to do it as well. I'll post it this weekend or early next week. Stay tuned! I'll be looking for your comment. Take care.



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