Monday, December 17, 2012

Oh What a Week! Layout - CKC Scrap and Play 2011

I thought I'd switch it up some... going back... back in time...  to hurricane Irene fall 2011. The latest craze today is to scrap all those daily life occurances. This layout taught by Creating Keepsakes Magazine at the 2011 Scrap and Play event in Lancaster PA fits the bill a year later and beyond. This one was especially challenging for me. In fact, it took me a year to even pull it out again and consider finishing it. The reason why - this class featured the I-top and Sew easy. I had never considered using either tool because I tend not to be a fussy scrapper. I don't want to get too dirty or too involved with things like sewing paper for example.
I also tend not to jump on the bandwagon with every single new craft tool that comes along. I wait, look and listen to see if it's really something I would use consistently. I am an avid collector of scrapbooking supplies and once I want it, I want it all. SO, I must be sure.

The left page required sewing the flower stems using the sew easy tool and floss. My floss kept tangling, I kept messing up the pattern. I do not sew. So, it was difficult to remember which places to sew and skip and double back on. It took every bit of my mental fortitude to get one stem done. I couldn't figure out the I-top so my buddy, my pal VP who was there with me (shout out girlie!) did it for me. I was too through with everything. I loved how the layout was supposed to look so I packed it up and vowed to complete it one day. Then I hit the vendor table to buy the Sew Easy products. LOL.

Fast forward to two months or so ago. I made a pledge to teach my daughter new craft skills weekly -as I completed my ScrapRack organization of my craft room - and thought of the sew easy. She's 7 and very interested in learning how to knit, sew, all that stuff I don't do. YIKES! I pulled this out and figured how to do the different stitches needed so I could teach her. More focused, not stressed out from a long day of classes and worrying about being blown away in a hurricane... I found it wasn't that bad!! My daughter learned 4 different stitches so far.

Here's a view of the layout. I hope to add this to a project life scrapbook or something in 2013.  Thanks for stopping by!


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