Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hand in Hand Together layout - SEI at CKC Lancaster 2012

Today I have a layout from SEI at CKC Lancaster 2012. I love SEI but this was the hardest, fussiest layout I have ever tried making with all of the pleating and rosettes etc. I had little to no experience making these when I took this class. Girlfriend became FRUSTRATED! I figured I'd post this just in case anyone else has ever felt the same. LOL.

The good thing was that the pleating works best with text weight paper. We made the pleats without scoring. I discovered that I need my scoring for it to look the way I need it to. I strayed a bit from the original design by SEI but it follows as best as possible. I just couldn't get the rosettes made neatly enough. So I turned some into fans.

I love the spring color combinations and all the flowers for this love inspired layout. And you'll be glad to know since I have purchased the ribbons and rosettes Cricut cart and have mastered the rosettes!! Check out a post where I showcase my skills!


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