Thursday, February 24, 2011

Newborn Onesies for Nephew Evan

I was inspired to make onesies for my newborn nephew Evan. It was a very trying experience as I have never tried this technique outside of the class at AC Moore where I learned the technique. It was supposed to be easy as 1-2-3 but it wasn't! When I finally got it right, the results were amazing! In the future, I hope to learn how to sew to hold down the design even more.
First, I purchased a cloth remnant from Hobby Lobby. I ironed it to a product called heat and bond. I applied the fused fabric to my cricut mat and cut out letters at 1" from cricut cartidge cuttin up and basic shapes at 2" from the cricut cartridge new arrival. I used my deep blade and lowered the speed with medium pressure. Once the images were cut, I took them off the mat and ironed the images to the shirt.
Tips & Tricks
  • The images and letters must be simple if not, the fabric will not cut properly
  • the mat must be new or VERY sticky - if not the fabric will move and the images will not cut properly
  • don't iron it too long or too short - the images will not stay on the shirt or the heat and bond will not stay on the fabric
  • use a piece of fabric at 12x12 size in case you need to repeat images. smaller pieces of fabric did not hold to the mat as well.
  • if you know how to sew, once the shirt has cooled, do a running stick with clear thread around all the design edges to anchor


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