Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Diaper Cake

On the day of my sister-in-law's babyshower, my 5 year old daughter and I made this diaper cake. I watched several youtube videos on the subject and got to work. We used a half case of size 3 huggies little movers diapers. My son had grown out of them and I wasn't sure what to do with them.
My daughter rolled all of the diapers and I tied gift curling ribbon around the middle. The trick is to roll the diaper tight and to hide the picture and name of the diapers. The curling ribbon used to hold the diapers is concealed under the brown ribbon. Rubber bands work well too.
The base of the cake has an inside layer of a few diapers that are lined up and tied with the curling ribbon. Then an outer layer was created around that. The next layer has one fewer layer and the top layer only have one set of diapers. I used my cricut imagine to print and cut the cake topper. I used the nursery tails cartridge and I printed a mirror image so that it would match up on both sides. I sandwiched a popsicle stick inbetween and stuck it into the one diaper that makes the top tier of the cake.
To finish it off, I wrapped the cake in ribbon and printed two each of the animals to match the thank you cards I created. Inking the edges helps the images to stand out. I made the larger animals for the bottom of the cake and made the smaller ones for higher up on the cake.
For the base, I used 3 scallop circles layered to make a big enough space to support the entire cake. It came out beautifully for a first try. Everyone thought it was a real cake and kept asking if I needed help carrying it at the shower.
Here's the recipe:
  • brown ribbon
  • diapers
  • popsicle stick
  • thin curling ribbon
  • 3 large scallop circles
  • cricut carts - animal kingdom, new arrival, zooballoo - 2 of each: monkey cut at 5" & 4", giraffe at 5" & 5.9" & lion at 4" & 5"
  • imagine cart - nursery tails
  • googly eyes

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