Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stamped Baby T-shirts

Who knew???? Using Clear & Simple Stamps Hybrid Ink you can stamp directly on fabric?? WOW!

So I promptly made these cute shirts for a 3 month old I was going to meet for the first time. I washed and dried the shirts first. This is Key! You don't want it shrinking on the recipient later on. I used Stampin Up! Stamps - Whimsical words for the sweet little baby sentiment. The cupcakes are from Art Gone Wild! Ummm... I cannot remember where I bought the lamb stamp or the precious stamp...

I used all 3 colors of this wonderful ink that I have - Paint the town Pink, Espresso your style (brown), Simply Blue Tiful. I need more!! Get some and try this quick but super cute method out for your next gift baby shower!



  1. So what type of ink is this? Fabric? You did a great job on cute..

    Chris Wooten

  2. Hi Chris! Thanks for the compliment. This ink is called Hybrid ink and it's made by a company called Clear & Simple Stamps. I inluded the link in my post. They have many colors and many shades within each color. I bought 3 to start off with. I have used it on paper, fabric... you name it... I clean my stamps with stazon cleaner and it takes it right off.



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