Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year! - Goody Gumdrops Card

I am greatful for my 5 faithful followers. I hope to grow this number in the coming months and to be more consistent with my posts. So hang in there with me and bring your friends (please?!).

I am loving my cricut imagine machine! It makes crafting on the fly so easy! I created this card with the Just Because Cards cricut cartridge. I was able to print everything you see using 2 pieces of white cardstock! I used the colors in the Imagine. Although you cannot see it, there are a few gumdrops that are raised with mini popdots.
If you are thinking about buying the cart, there is a trick to which cards actually fit in which envelopes. I was able to find a great guide on another blog. check out for a video series and to download a guide for this cart.

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  1. Cute!!! You are right about the Imagine! It does make crafting quick! Hang in there on the posting! I am a fellow Circlet!


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