Tuesday, August 14, 2012

CKC Lancaster Haul! Post 1

I promised I would do something I never have done before... post about all the items I bought at Creating Keepsakes Convention - CKC Lancaster. I am a crafting shop-a-holic so get ready! I would have done this sooner but I have been busy organizing based on the teachings of the people over at ScrapRack! I'll share more about that later as well. And after that, I will post all the things I learned how to make in classes at CKC lancaster. Get ready for an exciting month!

Ok, this is what I bought... it fits in the large blue ikea shopping bag. The only thing I do not have in the pics is the scrap rack items. They were too heavy to carry around.

I love getting bags and t-shirts that have crafty sayings on them. My favs came from the CKC Bookstore. I couldn't deny this tote bag! Isn't it cute?

And I will be wearing these at an upcoming crop. I really believe that housework quote (LOL) and I had had had to join the keep calm movement!

I saw a woman wearing this shirt and I had to run and get me one... I got the last one! It's from Scrapbook Girl and they had sweatshirts, pjs etc. I got some clip it up accessories there as well.

These shirts are from Paper Wizard. I love them for their lazer cut fancy titles. I recently put together one for my Animal Kingdom layout. Here are the products I got from them. Each must be assembled after you take it out the packaging.

Hope you enjoyed this uncharacteristic post... lots more to come...



  1. Don't make me CROP you. Too funny!

    1. I know, huh? I love my corny crafting t-shirts! Thanks for stopping by!



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