Thursday, August 23, 2012

CKC Lancaster Haul - Part 5 - The finale

Left: Willa: OMG              Right: Carlie:Hello

Left: Wesley:Shakin                     Right: Mia You

Wesley: Banner

I love their new packaging!!

Clear and Simple Stamps - These are my all time fav of the stamps I purchased at CKC lancaster. Some of these stamps come with the dies to cut out the ragdoll (full body only). I'm so excited about that!! These dolls look like me and my kids! The possibilities are endless! There are many more styles but I got these to start. I just discovered there are shoes and hats that go with the ragdolls so I'm going online to get those this week!! Can't have my dolls running around barefoot! LOL. Note that all the stamps from this company are small sized. I love them for card making, onesies, 3D boxes etc and small layouts.

I love this company. It's run by an African-American mom and daughter team. They always remember me when I come to the booth and show me so much love! Please check out their stamps and hybrid ink, Copics and all their other products!! They teach the best Copics classes around!

And now, for the big teaser....

ScrapRack - this product and this company's free organization seminars (that can be used with any products you already have - you don't have to buy the scraprack but it makes it easier) has changed my life!! My next post will be all about my journey to permanent organization. I took a class on it at CKC Lancaster and have been working on it daily ever since. It's a revolution!!! SO excited to share with you guys. And the best thing is, the next free online series of seminars starts September 11 so you can get in on the fun. Check out the website. Stay tuned to this blog...



  1. Oh what lovely words you had to say about CSS. I'm so excited you love the rag dolls. I drew them, so I totally love them too! I can't wait to see what you do with them. Enjoy.

    1. wow, wow, WOW!? I cannot believe you found little ole me talking about your wonderful creations! Bravo for creating such cute stamps! I guess I'd better get to craftin' huh?! LOL. thanks for your comment and I look forward to your comments on my CSS creations and otherwise!



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