Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Glow in the Dark Custom Ornament

My daughter's teacher sent home a note asking a parent to volunteer to plan and lead the Christmas party craft and although I had already signed up for Valentine's Day, I volunteered because my daughter really wanted me to and I've spoiled the children with past projects. None of the other parents are into crafting like I am so the projects I create for them are in high demand. It's very nice to be recognized and wanted!

So this is the project I created after polling my crafty friends on Facebook and trolling Pinterest. It's a glow in the dark ornament using Stampin' Up! treat cups, ribbon, twine, embellishments, Martha Stewart glow in the dark glitter, jingle bells, 2.5" cardstock circles cut with my Cricut.

The children enjoyed making these ornaments. The embellishments varied from Gingerbread men, houses, Reindeer, Ornaments, etc. But as always, they wore me out. I always think I am designing something simple, but never remember that all families are not into crafting like we are. My daughter can complete projects better than some adults. Needles to say, there were some catastrophes, spills, touch and go moments and McGiver fixes. With 23 kids to appease and one of me, it was a challenge and a joy. Although I am the hardest worker of the day, I'm going to TRY to simplify for Vday!! LOL

Well, I'd love to hear from you. Have you gotten crafty this holiday season? What did you make? Did you volunteer? And of course, how do you like this (simple) project?

Merry Christmas!!!


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