Thursday, December 26, 2013

Crazy for Craft Fantastic

What to give the teachers, bus driver, etc for Christmas?? It's always a big guessing game. I have made homemade greeting cards, given wine, etc. But I wanted to do something different this year. Then I remembered I had a hoard of Craft Fantastic jewelry supplies!!

Score! My daughter (who's in 3rd grade) was able to make her own teacher's gifts and I made my son's day care teacher gifts. Here's what we came up with using some of the images Craft Fantastic had at their booth and others were from Tim Holtz vintage Christmas cardstock and DCWV cardstock.

There's a variety of styles of pendants, chains, bracelets, etc. If you see this company at a craft fair, check 'em out! It's definitely worth an online order if you cannot go see them in person. They have kits and carry the right glue and jewelers dots adhesive to make your custom jewelry in a snap!

Zora made her music teacher a large oval pendant with the sheet music to Joy to the World in it. That tickled her teacher to no end. She even pulled out a magnifying glass to make sure all the words were in there! LOL

I decided to stick to botanical images and such for the daycare workers so they could wear their creations all year long. We figured that the teachers would only be able to were theirs during the Christmas holiday. I love the long rectangle pendants!

Once I ran out of chains, I started making adjustable rings. I made extra for the daycare because it's my son's last Christmas in daycare and I wanted to thank all they people who had a hand in his care over the past 4 years. They were blown away by my gratitude and generosity. Giving from the heart is the BEST!

Well, I hope you too will go crazy for craft fantastic! In the meantime, tell me... what have you given to teachers for Christmas?



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