Monday, September 12, 2011

Try adding "A Little Class with Your Trash" Smalls Scrapbooking Stuff

                                                      I've got mine!!! You've GOT to get yours!

I recently purchased a scrap ma bob to take on crops with me. I often forget to bring a plastic grocery bag to put on it and when I bring it, I am fumbling trying to tie it on etc. While at the CKC scrap n playin Lancaster I met some lovely ladies (shout out sisters!!) whose mom sells the bags to fit all the carriers like this...whether you have the original scrap box, chatterbox, creative memories, scrap-ma-bob, tag-a-long, side-kick. This bag is waterproof on the inside and comes in a variety or styles, colors and trims. it goes on like a dream and there was no fumbling involved. And it's cute to boot!

For $20 you'll have a permanent place for your trash...."a little class with your trash" as Mrs. Smalls would say! Contact her for more info at 202.510.4001. But tell her I sent you!!


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