Thursday, October 30, 2014

Update/Repost Stamp Cataloging and Organization

My update is in blue at the bottom, but here is where I began this journey...

I’m so happy that I have completed my two identical stamp catalogs (one for home and one for taking on the road to make sure I buy with intention – no duplicates, items that are too similar or things I don’t really need). It has taken me MONTHS to catalog hundreds and hundreds of stamps into the 3 section system taught by Tiffany Spaulding at the Scrap Rack. My first post detailing the specifics on how I started this journey can be found here. The reasons it took me so long are the amount of stamps I have and the amount of times I had to renumber because I had already used those numbers. Word to the wise, number all your stamps first then you don't have to wonder like I do. And when you stop, leave yourself a note so you can easily pick up where you left off.

In time, I found my groove and chugged along little by little until it was complete. Now I can find what I have, use it more efficiently and it feels SO good! When I get new stamps I know before I get home which categories to place it in and have a clear process for adding it to my catalogs.

I thought I'd share some pics of where I keep my massive stamp collection. It's a work in progress.

I have one drawer of stampin up wheels and Inkadinkado stamping gear and other stamp accessories.

This box with magnetic closure has my stampin' up stamps. I put 2 sets in one case and use the empties for other companies' stamps.

This case has 2 layers of wood block stamps in an Art Bin case. Here's the top view.

Here's the bottom view. A piece of chipboard separates the 2 layers.

I have a second Art Bin that is double deep. Chaos lives within. No rhyme or reason here.

My clear stamps are in the clip it up divided by the 4-section system taught by Tiffany Spaulding at the Scrap Rack.

Here is the 2 volume unmounted stamps I own. It's divided by the 4-section system taught by Tiffany Spaulding at the Scrap Rack as well.

I made a video of the pages of my stamp catalog but it will not upload. I may have to make 2 shorter videos. Then I'll post it and a look at what's in my Scrap Rack by section.

This post debuted in March 2013 but here's a bit of an update. My stamp cataloging is an ongoing process because I buy stamps often and because I am still searching for organization nirvana. I decided that a catalog by manufacturer was very valuable to me since I tend to collect lots of certain manufacturers and could find things easier. 

I have long abandoned my themed catalog and while it is very useful, it's a pain in the butt for someone that has 1000s of stamps. I still suggest it for folks that don't have a huge collection though. Instead I typed all my sets into excel so I can search by category, number, manufacturer etc.

I found that I had given the same numbers to many stamps and have skipped hundreds of numbers. UGH! So I have been renumbering, noting the numbers that are not yet used and reorganizing. I keep my stamps in four areas - a bookshelf, two three ring binders, a gray pull out bin and a 3 drawer rolling sterilite. I am able to find what I need now. 

If you'd like to see where I started and the things I learned along the way, check out:



  1. Stephanie B's Creative Designs here. O my goodness! You are Organized Girl!! Coming back to your blog to read more!! BL

  2. Great storage idea!!!!!
    Miranda :) BL

  3. BL group E Yes, if I had more stamps I would need to do this but I do have tons on clear & rubber stamps that I use shoe racks to hang mine - my friend Raven had that idea

  4. Stephanie B's Creative Designs here. Back looking at more of your GREAT organization... BL

  5. Wow, you have a lot of stamps and some great storage tips. I store my stamps in numbered CD cases and have a binder with a stamped image that coordinates with the case inserted into a protective sleeve. I removed all the rubber from almost all my wood block stamps (except for the larger stamps) so I could put them in the cd cases as well. I also do not have the sheets in any particular order. As I get new stamps I put them in the case, take the plastic image that the stamps come on and tape it to a sheet of paper, add it to the last page of the binder. When I want a stamp I actually have to look through my entire binder to see what case number it is. I like having to do that because then I see what I have on a regular basis and not likely to forget what I have. I do know what number my favorite stamps that I use most often are and don't have to grab the binder to check. (Visited from Post Your Project)

  6. Stephanie B's Creative Designs here. Just stopped by to give you some BOGGIE LOVE!! BL

  7. I am doing the same thing with my stamps. I have them all in a binder. I have to log them and then print out the log. TFS (BL)


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