Thursday, December 11, 2014

I've been Nominated for the Creative Blogger Award!!

C'est La-Vie Designs Unlimited, LLC was recently nominated for the Creative Blogger Award by the lovely and talented Shalana Glass of Scrappin' with Shalana. She is a CTMH rep and always has something new and inspiring on her blog. I enjoy her CAS scrapbooking and her enchanting mixed media projects. I encourage you to take a gander and follow her. It'll be worth it! I promise!

We became online crafty friends after I won a prize from her last year. I was so excited to find a local crafter of color (like myself) and began following her blog. We even started scrapbooking the same year. I look forward to meeting her in person in the coming year since we live in the same area. Small world ... right?!

The Creative Blogger Award entitles the recipient to join a group of very talented people and share their personal thoughts and secrets about their creative endeavors. Hopefully you will learn something new about each blogger and find some inspiration along the way.

Let's begin!

What am I currently working on?

I am assisting my daughter in making Christmas gifts for her teachers and girl scout leaders. We are making necklaces using Craft Fantastic supplies and were inspired by Pinterest to try the sharpie mugs.

What is my signature style?

My crafting is truly my heart and soul displayed for all to see. It evokes emotion; sometimes laughter, other times tears. My signature craft style is clean and simple although I am slowly evolving into a hybrid mixed-media style. I love to pile it on but within reason and still preserving some white space

How do I become inspired and stay inspired?

I constantly watch craft YouTube videos, read blogs, Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook posts in crafty groups and pin to Pinterest. All the social media posts keep my mind going. Everyone I am drawn to at a particular moment feeds my crafting soul in a special way. I love to learn new techniques, tips, tricks and a twist on tried and true techniques. I do get tired of doing certain styles or tasks. When that happens, there's nothing better than checking social media to see what my peers are doing. #SoInspirational

How does my creative process work?

Once I am ready to try a new technique I've seen online, I think it over for days. I recall things I have seen and how they could apply to the products I have on hand. I try to plan out the major details in my head so that when I sit to craft it can come together quickly. However, I do leave room for creativity to take flight. 

I'm a perfectionist, so I prefer to practice my techniques many times before the final project is solidified. Now, there are other times when I think about it and do it all quick, fast and in a hurry with stellar results; but I prefer to approach my projects methodically.

So now that you know a little bit about my creative process, I would love to hear about yours! Don’t hesitate to share your favorite styles and inspiration in the comment section 
as well as your social media links so I can follow you!
Creative Blogger Nominees:

Now it’s time for me to select a couple of great crafters to receive a Creative Blogger Award. I am pleased to announce my two nominees…
Lyne's Everyday Ideas - "The one to watch!" I've been fortunate to witness Lyne's craft style develop and flourish more and more over the last year. Her precise attention to detail and style while letting the photos 'be the star' of her layouts is inspiring! She's a must-have on any DT. I look forward to seeing her grow even more in 2015.

'Where our story began' - As members of the ScrapRack Facebook Group, we were asked to share which city/state we were in. Soon after, Lyne asked me to join her for tea at a nearby Panera. We've been fast friends ever since! At the time, neither of us served on a Design Team, entered online challenges, or were avid bloggers. Today we have much DT experience under our belts and have both learned many new techniques and grown in our crafting genres.

Papercrafting Paradise - "A style all her own!" I love how Papercrafting Princess' projects exude pure, unadulterated joy. She has a strong personal style. It doesn't matter what she's creating... faith-based cards, altered fans, fridge magnets, etc. When I look at her work, it looks like no other crafter's work (that I've seen). It's uniquely hers. I just love that. I can tell her heart is on the page, much like I work. It captivates me every time.

'Where our story began' - I believe we became familiar as a part of the online community Scraps of Color. I was amazed to find a plethora of African-Americans who craft in one glorious place! As a part of the creative team, Papercrafting Princess posts often and I began following her engaging and inspiring posts. She has long since been an avid follower of mine as well. 

I'm so excited to have been chosen for this award and to have chosen two stars to nominate! I love paying it forward! Please follow all three blogs I mentioned in this post as well as my own! If you like what you're reading please share our posts on all social media. The more, the merrier!

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. This is very exciting, congrats! You have been very busy making your gorgeous jewelry and helping your daughter with her teacher gifts! BL

  2. Congrats on your "Creative Blogger Award". The necklaces you are making with your daughter are fabulous. As like you I use all social media for ideas and inspiration. Sometimes I tend to overthink things and nothing gets done. I am trying very hard to just jump in and do. I'm learning that the worst that can happen is my project comes out wrong. Then I just start again. I guess that's why pencils have erasers and paint has Gesso. (BL)

  3. I love the necklaces, beautiful. Congrats on your Creative Blogger Award. BL

  4. you are sure busy and TFS your creative ideas

  5. Congratulations! What an honor and I am thankful that you selected me for the award. LOVE the gifts you created. It's always awesome to receive something from the heART!

  6. Congrats! Love the fun projects you are working on! (BL)

  7. First of all Congrats!!!! What a fun award!!! second those necklaces are to die for!! love them great job and third I loved reading and getting to know you and your style a bit more!!! I myself am an eclectic type of crafter!! I pull from everywhere. A little of this and a little of that... LOL great job!!! loves-Madge

  8. Stephanie B's Creative Designs here. I LOVE that you helped your daughter to make girts for her teachers and scout leaders. It really teaches our young daughters to honor and respect their elders.

  9. How exciting. Congrats.

  10. congrats.. and love your creativity... BL

  11. Thank you soooo much for the notation. I will try to get my post up in the next week...been Christmas crazy over at Lynn's Everyday Ideas


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