Friday, September 21, 2012

Hot Pink Zebra Print - Baby Shower Sash


No baby shower is complete without the sash identifying the mom-to-be (as if the baby bump is not enough!) My client asked for this sash to be a funny one. We've all heard the baby mama jokes so she wanted to showcase that on her sister's sash. This is the first time I've made a sash and I like how it came out. It perfectly carries through the hot pink zebra print theme without being overwhelming.
The hunt for just the right sized ribbon was a daunting one, but I finally found this 3" grosgrain ribbon at JoAnn's Fabrics in the hot pink of my dreams, LOL! Once I found it, I purchased 1.5 yards. I chose the Jubilee font because it was long and skinny. I didn't want any of the letters to extend further than the front of her body so it could be read at all times. Jubilee has a font shadow (cut in black) and the main letters (cut in glossy hot pink zebra print cardstock). I cut the capital shadow/letters at 2" and the lowercase ones at 2.25" because the uppercase letters were too long to fit on the sash at first. Once all the letters were cut, I ran the zebra print letters through the 1" xyron and adhered it to the shadow.

There are many ways to attach cardstock to ribbon, however, I decided to try something new. I had an 8.5x11" sheet of wonder tape by ranger (double-sided strong tape) and decided to cut it with my Cricut. I only cut out the shadow of the letters using the vinyl setting to perform a kiss cut. That way the tape was cut but the backing for the wonder tape was not. If I cut all the way through, the letters would have been hard to take off the backing because they would have curled up too much.

wonder tape with the letters I cut removed to show kiss cut
One by one, I removed the red top sticker, placed the layered letter cut on the corresponding letter and then removed it all from the mat. It was quick and no trouble to work with at all.

the pre-set settings for the kiss cut used with vinyl and wondertape

This tape is permanent and has a strong hold so I had to line up the letters ahead of time and note where the words would start and stop. That made placement a breeze.

To hide the fact that a bobby pin closure is located at the end of the sash (to join the part on her back to the part on her front at her side, I created this embellishement with a circle punch, bling brad, paper studio fabric flower and a jumbo zot glue dot. Surprise!! Ths sash was a hit at the baby shower. And now it's a regular part of my crafting repetoire! You can have yours for $20 (+tax shipping & handling).



  1. You worked so hard on this, La-Vie and your hard work shows! You did a great job! :o)

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Merilee thanks so much! I do put my heart and soul into my work. I'm glad it shows. Your comments mean so much to me! Thanks for stopping by today!


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