Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!

My daughter Zora and I decided to make a giant card for my husband for Father's Day. Together we designed the card. I did the cutting and Zora did the assembling. Here she is putting the finishing touches on Superman. She's my little crafting superstar!

Superman came out very well because he was cut at 11.5" so layering was a snap! I suspended it on my Scrap n Easel from Contain ya Crafts. The magnets are super strong and the black background is helpful for making my pics look their best.

The card is a poster board in neon green folded in half. To tone down the neon I added a 12x24 piece of  DCWV patterned adhesive-backed cardstock. Before applying it to the card I cut about 3" off so that there would be a border of neon around all sides.

Zora took her time and wrote a poem inside the card from my go to book The Ultimate guide to the perfect card. I chose a prayer from the book as well. We used the Cricut Father's Day cart for the word art and layers. Super Dad was cut at 5" and Happy Father's Day was cut at 4.5"

My husband Will thoroughly enjoyed our craftiness! Both kids presented him with his card and gifts. Aidan is 3 and he was super excited to help.

Aidan gave dad a travel mug with marvel comic characters on it. He knows it's his dad's favorite!

Zora made a book about her dad at school before the school year ended. She was so excited for daddy to read it. I gave him the new Nikon underwater camera and accessories and a huge collage poster of 35 fitness pics Will took last year. I also make his favorite pumpik pancakes for breakfast. He was floored. It was a great day!!



  1. So..sweet. love how you worked it together..reminds me of my Grand daughter and I.. we will have to do something like this..

    1. Yes, please do. Other than us having disagreements on what size was good or what colors to use, it was a snap! So much fun. Next time I will add more of a scene in the background. We ran out of time. Thanks for your comment! Made our day...


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